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Understanding and predicting the impact of the current Covid-19 outbreak has become an increasingly important task for policy makers, the health care industry, the manufacturing industry and the financial sector among others.

As we are deploying our first version of the Causality Link platform, we decided to contribute to this immense task by applying our “wisdom of crowds” detection to this specific topic. By analyzing automatically over 40,000 pieces of news every day, in 18 languages, we are in a good position to aggregate and disseminate a unique point of view about this pandemic.

The four charts that are displayed below have been developed both as a tool to better understand the global consequences of this crisis, and as a demonstration of the power of our collective intelligence platform, which was initially developed for the financial markets. These charts are refreshed hourly as new content reaches us continuously and is analyzed in real-time.


About Causality Link:

Causality Link serves corporate clients and financial services institutions by delivering insights on the forces acting on the markets. The company leverages a proprietary Natural Language Processing solution to analyze millions of news articles in real time and extract forecasts as well as long lasting knowledge expressed by the authors of these articles. This unique data stream can then be aggregated to highlight the most relevant articles for any customer or delivered to different decision-support applications.

Additional Insights:

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