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On March 4 2020, Causality Link introduced four charts summarizing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as explained in the millions of documents analyzed continuously and automatically by its AI-powered Research Assistant. As the unprecedented worldwide crisis unfolded, this site has received tremendous attention. Among other things, the charts tracked the shifting geographic distribution of the impact of Covid-19, highlighted the negative potential of the pandemic on commercial real estate, and captured the progressive understanding of the positive impact that the social distancing measures were having on the Telecommunications Services sector.

We are now entering into a second phase of the crisis, where the direct impact and spread of Covid-19 has become secondary for financial institutions and decision makers, as their attention shifts to the differential forecast of the short and mid-term future of the different indicators of the worldwide economy. In this completely uncharted world, understanding the outlook for each Sector, Industry and Segment is key to navigating the ongoing turbulence.

For these reasons, on April 20, 2020, Causality Link introduces a new interactive chart, which leverages the trend data and deep understanding of market forces that is continuously extracted by its proprietary Natural Language Processing system from millions of worldwide news articles.

These charts are being made available for free, updated hourly, for the foreseeable future. These and many more interactive and ad-hoc research capabilities are available in the commercial version of Causality Link Research Assistant. Customers can drill down to a specific causal model of more than 30,000 public companies worldwide, with supporting evidence including full source articles for every aggregated data point systemwide. As our new chart suggests, the system can recreate the world perspective as it existed in the past, part of a comprehensive set of time-machine features. You can request a demonstration or give us feedback at

About Causality Link:

Causality Link serves corporate clients and financial services institutions by delivering insights on the forces acting on the markets. The company leverages a proprietary Natural Language Processing solution to analyze millions of news articles in real time and extract forecasts as well as long lasting knowledge expressed by the authors of these articles. This unique data stream can then be aggregated to highlight the most relevant consensus and supporting evidence, delivered to decision-support applications or for direct consumption.

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